CANCELLED: DearTomorrow – Taking Action on Climate Change

CANCELLED: DearTomorrow – Taking Action on Climate Change

Long Now Boston is disappointed to confirm cancellation of the ‘Dear Tomorrow’ event, along with the rest of the Cambridge Science Festival, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We plan to reschedule our event for later in the year. Current registrants will be offered the first chance at tickets for a rescheduled ‘Dear Tomorrow’ program. 

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Rx for a Better Future: Wisdom Over Recklessness

A Long Now Boston conversation with Bina Venkataraman, March 2, 02020, Cambridge MA. 

In a world dominated by short-term thinking, it is easy to become cynical or jaded about human behavior and the long-term prospects for humanity. Bina Venkataraman has a solution – the pursuit of “wisdom over recklessness.”  Wisdom (“experience, knowledge, and good judgment”) can overcome recklessness (“lack of regard for the danger or consequences of one’s actions”), but it requires a different approach to what we measure, what we reward and what we imagine. Bringing this wisdom to bear on our individual and collective choices requires change and new tools at the individual, cultural and institutional levels, which Bina has documented in her book The Optimist’s Telescope: Thinking Ahead in a Reckless Age. She offered great advice to a large and enthusiastic crowd at the Long Now Boston Conversation event on Monday March 2, 02020, at the CIC in Cambridge, with the help of moderator William Powers.

Summary by George Gantz for Long Now Boston
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CANCELLED: Long Now Boston at the Science Carnival and Robot Zoo!

CANCELLED: Long Now Boston at the Science Carnival and Robot Zoo!

Long Now Boston is disappointed to confirm cancellation of the ‘Craft a Superhero’ event, along with the rest of the Cambridge Science Festival, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We plan to propose our event again for a future Cambridge Science Festival. Be sure to look for us next time!

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Conscious Capitalism – A Radical Transformation of Business Culture

Conscious Capitalism – A Radical Transformation of Business Culture

NOTE: Presentation starts early — at 6:30pm

On Monday, February 3, 02020, Professor Raj Sisodia will review the history of capitalism and its challenges and explore the concept of “conscious capitalism” focused on higher purpose, long-term thinking and collaborative, enduring and empathic relationships among all stakeholders.

See Event Summary Here: A Conscious Solution to Corporate Short Termism

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Pathways to Human and Planetary Thriving

Long Now Boston FLASH TALKS 2020.

On January 6, 02020, five Long Now Boston members shared their ideas for improving the long term future for planet earth and the human civilization that inhabits it.  In one way or another, all five speakers touched on the importance of working together towards outcomes that better match our human values and aspirations.   The top vote-getter for the night was Ye Tao of Harvard’s Rowland Institute for his presentation on Mirrors for Earth’s Energy Rebalancing (MEER:ReflEction).  Long Now Boston Board Member George Gantz (ineligible for votes) concluded the event with a presentation on Empathy: The Secret Sauce for Human Thriving.

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Life Among the Stars

Avi Loeb is confident in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, and optimistic that confirmation, when achieved, will fundamentally transform the human perspective, just as the Copernican revolution, based on increasingly detailed astronomical observations, did a half-millenium ago.  With the rapid increase in relevant data from more advanced observations and increasingly sophisticated space missions, that confirmation may come soon.

“Our civilization will mature only by leaving home to the cosmic street and meeting others.”  Avi Loeb

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Long Now Boston FLASH TALKS 02020 !

January 6, 7PM at the CIC Venture Café. Doors open at 6PM.
Admission is free, but attendees must be registered: Tickets Here.

Envisioning the Future!  

The following five selected presentations will serve as the starting point for conversation and discussion about the future of humanity. 

  • Post or Perish: In the future, celebrities will be from STEM fields. Will you be among the first?  Presented by Fredo Darling, Creative Director and freelance Media Producer.
  • The secret sauce for human thriving!  Promoting human empathic virtue to ensure a brighter, happier future.  Presented by George Gantz, writer, philosopher, retired business executive and grandfather of eight.
  • Dark Instincts: Resist Tribal Adaptations and Move Toward Utopia.  Presented by Robin Harper, with many interests including Researcher and Infographic Writer on human nature, health, and politics.
  • The idiots guide for killing monopolies and creating star trek economies.  Presented by Nathan Towianski, Business consultant working on DAO and collaborative business models and software.
  • Mirrors for Earth’s Energy Rebalancing (MEER:ReflEction): Resource-driven engineering for leveraging Earth’s chemistries to immediately offer remediation.  Presented by Ye Tao, Fellow at the Rowland Institute at Harvard.

Bring your enthusiasm, your questions and your ideas for a thought-provoking evening, from the perspective of Long Now thinking.  The program will be highly interactive, and the audience will be asked to select their favorite presentation!  The winner will receive a $100 reward!

Join the conversation and be part of the solution.

Admission is FREE but tickets are required.

We’re proud and excited to welcome Ye, Nathan, Robin, George and Fredo to the podium at this Long Now Boston community conversation.

Cambridge Innovation Center is an in-kind sponsor of this Long Now Boston conversation. We are very grateful for their support.


How Humans and Technology Co-Evolve

Long Now Boston Conversation Series
November 4, 02019, at CIC, 1 Broadway, Cambridge MA, with James (“J”) Hughes (IEET) and Nir Eisikovits (UMAEC).

Synopsis: Human species have co-evolved with technology for hundreds of thousands of years.  Fire and stone tools were once the killer apps, giving humans immense advantages – but human physiology and society also evolved with them.  It is no different today, but the stakes are higher, as they include global existential risks, and the pace of change is faster by many orders of magnitude.  It is impossible to plan or to predict the future, but we can shape its trajectory by better understanding the risks and tradeoffs and by seeking to achieve equity in how we govern technology.

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