The Persistent Illusion of Knowing

Long Now Boston Conversation Series
November 7, 02016

A Long Now Boston Conversation with artist Nathan Miner.

This talk explored the process of invention in the studio. Feeling one’s way through a cloud of unknowing into territories of discovery. In science and art, cultivating intuition and trusting the creative process becomes a guide, when knowing obscures the new.   Making art allows us to embrace the unknown and question our assumptions, freeing us from the illusions of preconceived knowledge. In the studio, translations between the imaginary and the real illuminate possibilities for discovery and invention.


Abstract painting is the root and the soul of Nathan Miner’s interdisciplinary practice. His projects range across, and play between, the disciplines of photography, printmaking, sculpture and digital media, and culminate into hybrid-paintings and installations. Originally from Colorado, Miner began his studies in the Midwest, at the Kansas City Art Institute and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago prior to receiving his BFA in Sculpture from RISD and relocating to the East coast. He has attended residencies at The Vermont Studio Center, Montserrat College of Art, and Mass MoCA, and he is currently a Visual Arts Fellow of the St. Botolph Club. Having exhibited extensively throughout New England and New York, Miner’s work has been reviewed in the Boston Globe, ArtScope and Art Pulse magazines.

Long Now Boston is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is independent from but philosophically aligned with the Long Now Foundation.  Long Now Boston provides a forum for discussing, investigating and engaging in issues that have long-term implications for our global cultures.  Long Now Boston hosts a monthly Community Conversation series in Cambridge, MA.   Please sign up on our website for notices.

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