En-ROADS: Exploring Climate Change Futures

En-ROADS: Exploring Climate Change Futures

An experiential-learning workshop on climate change impact and institutional policy. With Curt Newton, En-ROADS Climate Ambassador.

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Date: Monday, June 1st, 02020 7:00-8:30PM (via Zoom)
Zoom Room opens at 6:30PM for music and slides.
Presentations start @ 7pm
Tickets are available on Eventbrite: Tickets for En-ROADS June 1.


Global pandemics aside, climate change remains the most critical threat to human survival. A shortage of collective will, however, continues to be the biggest obstacle to positive change. What’s required for our society/culture/globe of villages to reach consensus, and what type of change is possible? Climate activist Curt Newton can help us answer some of those questions.

Curt uses Climate Interactive’s En-ROADS simulation model to help organizations approach the challenge from a public policy perspective. We’ll look at a variety of factors including energy, transportation, industry, population growth, land use, and others. None of these are siloed. They are all interconnected. What are the consequences, and uncertainties, when the metrics change on any one, or multiples, of these influencers?

The En-ROADS tool is science-based and literally allows us to move the needle on any of the factors, resulting in endless scenarios. With Curt’s help, we’ll analyze the different simulated outcomes. explore ways to increase climate literacy, and discuss reforms institutions can enact now to mitigate future political and environmental risk.

Other questions up for discussion”

  • Studies have shown that more data and more accurate models are not particularly helpful in inspiring action on climate change. How is En-ROADS different?
  • En-ROADS demonstrates that it will be challenging, yet still possible, to achieve a tolerable level of global temperatures and sea-level rise in the next century — how can this work to inspire engagement and action?
  • What are the most successful ways of motivating people and institutions to make the changes necessary in the short run in order to secure significant long term benefits?

This is an interactive workshop with many opportunities for audience participation. Join the conversation and be part of the solution.

Ticket price is $5. Students w/ID free. Members free – please use your code.
Audience participation is encouraged.
Eventbrite tickets may sell out – we are limiting the size of this event.

About the speaker:

Curt Newton is Director of MIT OpenCourseWare, which freely shares materials from thousands of MIT courses used by millions of learners and educators around the world. Prior to joining OCW in 2004, he worked at AT&T/Lucent Bell Labs as a communications network systems engineer and co-founded a data network equipment startup.

Curt serves on the steering team of 350 MA and is a trained Climate Reality Project Leader. Curt co-produced and co-hosted 3 seasons of the Climate Conversations podcast; helped launch and build the ClimateX online climate change community that became MIT’s climate portal; and was staff representative on the MIT Climate Action Advisory Committee.

Curt’s participation in a 2016 World Climate Simulation game introduced him to Climate Interactive’s work. He learned to facilitate World Climate, with a personal interest in reaching high school communities (being a parent of two young people). He has facilitated En-ROADS games and workshops for high school classes and enrichment programs, graduate-level education students, a global network of education innovators, workplaces, citizens, and the MIT community.

We’re proud and excited to welcome Curt to the Long Now Boston community.

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