FlashTalks 02021 — From Crisis To Innovation

Jan 4 02021: FlashTalks 02021 From Crisis To Innovation

Jan 4, 02021 Doors open @ 7:15 pm Come early and meet other Long Now thinkers – Tickets are available on Eventbrite
Presentation starts at 7:30 pm ET

A Long Now Boston Community Conversation with Joe Levine, PhD, Eleanor Murphy, Steve Wardell, and Emilia Javorsky, MD.

By nearly all measures, this past year brought significant disruption and disorientation. From intensified wildfires, Saharan windstorms, and glacial calving to massive job layoffs, a K-shaped recovery, and a booming stock market, to an international health crisis that has riveted our attention and threatened our lives, our liberties and our happiness, this has been a challenging year. 

The closer we look at these challenges, the clearer their complex interconnectedness becomes.  Everything is related to everything else.  Does this suggest there are also greater possibilities for cross-disciplinary collaboration to achieve rapid innovation? All is not doom and gloom! In fact, there are many on the front lines of research, education, and development looking at our present problems through an innovative Long Now lens.

Please join us in welcoming four remarkable big-picture thinkers to Long Now Boston’s 3rd Annual Flash Talks. Our guests will share what drives them to influence long term change. We’ll do a deep dive into sector-specific trends, the lights they see at the end of the tunnel, and the concepts each is fervently promoting for a better future.

Big Picture Topics We’ll Explore:

  • Climate Change/Global Change – What new language is required to talk about these complex interrelated forces?
  • Income Inequality – Is it effective to establish long-term plans in a time of crisis?
  • Healthcare – Who do research & development trends benefit…Pharma, or patients? Is healthcare a basic human right? 

Kim Novick and George Gantz (Board members of Long Now Boston) will facilitate the conversation.  As in past years, the goal of our Flash Talks will be to facilitate broader community conversation, so we will be inviting meeting participants to participate directly in the conversations.

Zoom doors open at 7:15pm ET — Come early and chat with other Long Now thinkers – Tickets are available on Eventbrite: https://from-crisis-to-innovation.eventbrite.com/

The main event starts at 7:30pm ET.
Join the conversation and be part of the solution. $5 in advance.
Students w/ID admitted free.
Audience participation is encouraged.

About the Speakers

Joe Levine earned his PhD in Biology at Harvard University, and after teaching at Boston College, dedicated his life to improving science education and public understanding of science. Following a fellowship in Science Broadcast Journalism at WGBH, he produced science features for NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, served as science advisor to NOVA, science advisor for several WGBH Science Unit projects, and helped launch Discovery Channel’s Discover Magazine. He co-authors the most widely used high school biology textbook in the United States, and is active internationally in providing professional development for science teachers. Joe was recently elected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in recognition for his work championing evolution and climate change education in public schools.

Eleanor Murphy, Director, Philanthropy and Engagement with Acumen, where she builds relationships with a variety of stakeholders to secure the resources needed to scale social enterprises and develop leaders across the globe that are tackling issues of poverty and injustice.  In doing so, she is constantly evaluating some of the world’s toughest problems –from gender inequity and climate change, to the next generation of leaders – and seeking out the most innovative solutions to address them.  Collaboration and partnership are core to her work (and what makes it fun!).  Eleanor is a graduate of Boston University and earned a Masters in Humanities from NOHA, the Network on Humanitarian Action.

Steven Wardell is a healthcare leader and analyst who grapples with the challenges of America’s healthcare system.  His focus is on addressing the challenges and opportunities as software “eats” traditional healthcare, healthcare payers demand value, and patients seek empowerment.  Steven runs Wardell Advisors, a consulting firm for innovative digital health companies.  He produces DigitalHealth InvestorTalk events for healthcare investors and company leaders.  He is the author of The Future of Digital Health, the founder of the Boston Chapter of Health 2.0, and a member of the Founders Circle of Long Now Boston. You can follow him at Twitter.com/StevenWardell.

Emilia Javorsky MD, MPH is focused on the invention, development and commercialization of new medical therapies using a problem-focused approach. She is also an advocate for the beneficial use of emerging technologies at the Future of Life Institute and Scientists Against Inhumane Weapons. Emilia received her undergraduate degree from Columbia University, her masters from Boston University, her medical degree from the University of Massachusetts, and completed her post-doctoral research at Massachusetts General Hospital. Currently she is involved in early-stage life science ventures. She previously cofounded a skin health company, which was acquired in 2020. She was a Fulbright-Schuman Scholar to the European Union, World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper, and was previously a Forbes 30 Under 30  in Healthcare.

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