Let’s Talk About The Weather

March 1 02021: Let’s Talk About The Weather

March 1, 02021 Doors open at 7:15 pm Come early and meet other Long Now thinkers – Tickets are available on Eventbrite
Presentation starts at 7:30 pm ET

Join artist Georgie Friedman, atmospheric scientist Dr. Kerry Emanuel, and urban planner, Kishore Varanasi “In Conversation”

Join Georgie Friedman, Dr. Kerry Emanuel, and Kishore Varanasi for a conversation at the intersection of art, science and urban design. In this virtual event, the panelists will discuss climate change, its effects on extreme weather, and the role of art and design as a means for generating environmental awareness, climate readiness, and a place of action. A guiding question is whether we can imagine a different, better future. And if so, are we willing to change the way we act and make the choices needed to get us there?

About the Speakers:

Dr. Kerry Emanuel is a prominent meteorologist and climate scientist who specializes in moist convection in the atmosphere, and tropical cyclones. His research interests focus on tropical meteorology and climate, with a specialty in hurricane physics. His interests also include cumulus convection, the role of clouds, water vapor, and upper-ocean mixing in regulation of climate, and advanced methods of sampling the atmosphere in aid of numerical weather prediction.

Georgie Friedman is an interdisciplinary artist whose projects include large-scale video installations, single and multi-channel videos and several photographic series. She is interested in our psychological and societal relationships to mild and severe natural phenomena. She investigates a wide range of powerful atmospheric and oceanic conditions, and is fascinated by the power of these natural elements in relationship to human fragility. She utilizes photography, video, sound, installation, engineering and the physics of light, all in order to create new experiences for viewers.

Kishore Varanasi, a principal and Director of Urban Design at the Boston-based firm CBT, is an urban designer, strategist, and educator who specializes in developing authentic design solutions for cities at all scales that address human connection, social equity, and climate resilience. For 25 years, Varanasi has worked to shape cities and communities globally through sustainable and holistic solutions in both the public and private sectors, here in Boston and across the globe.

Georgie Friedman: Hurricane Lost is on view in the Emerson College’s Media Art Gallery at 25 Avery Street, from January 27 through April 4, 2021. Public hours Wed -Sun 12-7pm, Private viewings available upon request.

Zoom doors open at 7:15pm ET – Come early and chat with other Long Now thinkers – Tickets are available on Eventbrite: https://lets-talk-about-the-weather.eventbrite.com

The main event starts at 7:30pm ET.
Join the conversation and be part of the solution. $5 in advance.
Students w/ID admitted free.
Audience participation is encouraged.

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