Code of Engagement at Long Now Boston

We want all of the members and guests of Long Now Boston events to feel comfortable in our spaces, both in person and online. We have created a code of engagement to summarize our expectations for group interactions. We wish to encourage participant’s voices to be heard, with respect and inclusion. Our formal code is described here.

Long Now Boston is dedicated to fostering long-term thinking in the Greater Boston area. We are committed to bringing together individuals and partner organizations to generate inclusive and stimulating conversations focused on the concept of the deep past as well as the far future. The purpose of this statement is two-fold: i) to serve as a guideline for internal conduct among members of the Long Now Boston community that reflects the values of Long Now Boston and ii) to share with partners and collaborators as a statement of our values and our expectations for engagement.

Long Now Boston is committed to nurturing an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaborative curiosity. Together with our membership and partners, we seek to create spaces where we learn and share. We are serious about creating an environment that is inclusive, supportive, curious and open-minded. We are mindful of the existence of  disrespectful and harmful  attitudes and behaviors – such as racism, sexism, and oppression of any kind – and we strive to overcome and counteract these biases and behaviors.

Partners will have a mission and set of values that align with those of Long Now Boston. Partnerships set up with Long Now Boston will have a clear set of expectations and open lines of communication with allowance for growth and evolution.

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