The Future History of Wine and Beer

The Future History of Wine and Beer

December 4, 2017

Raising the Bar: Libation as an entry point to Education
w/Alex Murray [Legal Sea Food] and Tenzin Samdo [Cafe Art Science]

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Have you ever thought of what the introduction of beer and wine was like to an otherwise unsuspecting city, 5000 years ago?

Restauranteurs and beverage designers are using their bully pulpits to build awareness about Global warming and the earthlings whose voices are too often ignored.

Alex Murray, of Legal Sea Foods’ wine unit, fell in love with wine while he was a student in Paris and living with the family of a wine and spirit merchant. One night his French hosts had some close friends over for dinner and invited Alex to partake in a very special meal. A Chateau L’Arrosee 1961 was uncorked and Alex was smitten. He’s spent his life since that Aha! moment trying to find out how a wine could taste that good. It’s become his passion. Alex’s journey goes back 5,000 years to the hillsides and valleys north of Rome, progressing through the discoveries of bacteria and into future technologies for protecting the crop from environmental Green House affects. What’s it like to search for an answer? What’s it like once that search is over?

Tenzin Ramdo, Bar Director and Partner at Cafe Art Science, leverages his position to make responsible and good investments in our future. ArtScience is a place and cultural movement where art experimentation and expression combines with science to pioneer a sustainable human future. The drink program builds culture around cocktails inspired by Altitude and Animals. What flavors are aligned with Bumble Bees that fly higher than Mt. Everest? Spices, fruits, aromas. No plastic straws or paper napkins at CAS…feel good about your ecology affect when you tip one back, take a nip, a snort, a dram, a hit or a snifter. Tenzin has hinted if time exists he’ll demonstrate one of his signature drinks. Vapor anyone?

Come early and schmooze with other attendees. Alex will start at about 7:00. We’ll follow all of that up with a Q&A open discussion. We expect to go ’til about 8:30 pm with this conversation. You may even want to hang out longer and grab a drink at the Cafe ArtScience bar or group-up for a dinner table.

$15 in advance // $20 at the door.
Students w/ID admitted free. [Students who wish to be added to the attendee list can ping Mary Mangan with direct messages]

Alex Murray is an adjunct professor of wine at Boston University and is on the wine staff at Legal Seafoods. He’s worked in many capacities during his career, as a restaurant sommelier and manager, as a wholesale salesperson and marketing manager, as an adjunct professor of wine at Boston University, and for the past eight-plus years helping manage the wine program at Legal Sea Foods. He’s visited many of the world’s principal wine regions, and has also taught bread baking classes. Alex lives in Quincy with his wife, Jessica and their daughter Pramila and son Santosh.

Tenzin Samdo grew up in India, a Tibetan refugee after his parents escaped Chinese occupation. He came to the United States in 1996 with a rare refugee initiative by the USA and became a high school student in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After studying theater, set design, film, and photography, he began to work in local Cambridge bars, before joining the team of Chef Jody Adams. Tenzin moved on to manage the bar at Tavern Road in Fort Point, where his innovative cocktails received local and national attention, most recently as finalist in the Star of the Bar competition of the National Restaurant Association. He joined Cafe ArtScience to lead the innovative bar program in the summer of 2017, where he is creating an exciting new cocktail menu inspired by global flavors, altitude and exotic animals.