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Long Now Boston was founded in 02016 and incorporated as a US federal 501(c)3 organization in 02018. We are striving to build an independent, self-sufficient, and very long-term organization cast from the original spirit and vision of The Long Now Foundation. Since its founding, the group has sponsored dozens of thought-provoking and wide-ranging events, panels and discussions.  Topics have ranged from space, housing, transportation and climate change to ethics, history, art, science and technology, all with an emphasis on long term thinking viewed with a Greater Boston lens.

We seek to build forums for cutting-edge content and discussions on technology, society and culture in the context of the deep future and deep past, in order to serve as a connector between a range of communities of interest — students, faculty, technologists, young professionals and thought-leading artists and thinkers.  Importantly, we will also sponsor and promote projects that are focused locally and designed to stimulate inclusive, public conversations and solutions on these issues.

Long Now Boston is building on our area’s unique regional characteristics to create and foster a grass-roots, community-based organization that engages the 350,000 students and faculty in our 80-plus colleges and universities, and the institutions and groups that surround them. Our region offers a tremendous concentration of knowledge, experience and passion. At Long Now Boston, we want to stimulate the kinds of interdisciplinary conversations that will create and inspire future global leaders.

We openly confront global issues related to the long-term future of humanity as they apply in our local community. We will gradually extend that conversation to the broadest possible segments of the community, exploring topics, processes and tools essential for thinking and acting responsibly over the long term.

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