Who we are…


Bill Davison: Founder, Board Chair & Treasurer

Bill Davison divides his time between Long Now Boston and his studio at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell where he pursues photography and printmaking. For 35 years, he held various executive positions in the graphic arts industry including Scitex America, Presstek and various commercial printing operations. He also founded Point Balance, Inc. and Meta4 Imaging, both consulting groups serving digital image processing firms and printers. He received his degree in Philosophy from Haverford College. 

Grant Stephen: President, Executive Director, Clerk, & Asst. Treasurer

Grant Stephen is an entrepreneur, mentor and investor with a career background in using data to drive better decision making in healthcare.  The co-founder & CEO of bPrescient Inc, he has leadership roles in numerous organizations across the Greater Boston area.  Benefiting from a multi-disciplinary training at the University of Glasgow’s School of Engineering and the Glasgow School of Art, Grant has lived on three continents, travelled extensively and was the first person since 1919 to travel the length of the northern Silk Road.

Mary Mangan: Co-Founder, Membership, Alliances & Community

Mary Mangan has been fascinated with biology since spending summers on the New Hampshire coast, engrossed by tide pools. This led to a B.Sc. degree in microbiology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a master’s in plant cell biology from Mount Holyoke College and a PhD in cell, molecular, and developmental biology from University of Rochester.

Moving to bioinformatics and genomics as those fields emerged, she finds databases are the new tide pools for her – and new waves keep washing interesting things in. Dr. Mangan co-founded OpenHelix, a company providing awareness and training on open source genomics software tools.

Kim Novick: Co-Founder, Brand Experience

Kim Novick brings people together. For good. He is a creative director and executive producer whose practice is dedicated to the social impact space. Kim curates, produces and directs conferences for progressive thought leadership organizations. He also leverages his core skill-set to help entrepreneurs articulate their vision and monetize their mission.

Kim joined the Long Now Foundation as member #506 and has not stopped looking forward and back since. He co-founded Long Now Boston to give voice to the region’s community of long-term thinking enthusiasts. Dad, husband. Asker of questions. Agent of inconvenient truths. Learn more at

Leonie Bradbury

A respected authority on the creative and scholarly aspects of contemporary art, Leonie Bradbury has 20+ years of experience creating compelling and innovative exhibitions, developing new artistic works, and promoting artists as thought leaders. She currently serves as the Henry and Lois Foster Chair in Contemporary Art Theory and Practice and Distinguished Curator-in-Residence at Emerson College, Boston. She directs Emerson’s platform for visual art “Emerson Contemporary” focused on presenting and commissioning new media art, performance art, and art engaged with emergent technologies.

Dr. Bradbury holds a B.A. in the History of Art from the University of Minnesota and a M.A. in the History of Art: 20th Century Art, Theory, and Criticism from Boston University, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Art Theory from the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts in Maine. 

Steering Group:

Margaret Capotosto

Margaret Capotosto is a professional in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry. She is currently supporting development of an RNAi therapy, a new class of innovative medicines. Margaret has a fondness for good design principles and is fascinated when application links all facets of life, such as learning from the natural and applying to the synthetic at levels ranging from micro to macro, art to science, and more. Her passions are broad-spectrum, but in essence, she believes the good ideas can and should last the long term. Working to improve our current food system through equity, sustainability, and accessibility practices takes up most of her time.

George Gantz

George Gantz is a writer, philosopher and retired business executive with a life-long passion for mathematics, science, philosophy and theology. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with Honors Humanities from Stanford University. In addition to his business background, he has served on the Boards of a variety of community, business and philanthropic organizations. In 2017, Mr. Gantz created the online forum Spiral Inquiry at With eight grandchildren, he is passionate about Long Term thinking and is responsible for speaker curation for the Long Now Boston Conversation Series.

Gretel Hartman

Gretel is a forward-thinker who is passionate about lessening her carbon footprint and increasing her efforts to making this world a better place for people, animals, and all other living things. As owner of Police Exam Solutions, Gretel is committed to recruiting and vetting the finest police officer candidates for police departments throughout The Commonwealth. She is an Arlington resident, and avid runner who enjoys gardening, the local music scene, and spending time embarking on new adventures, exploring unfamiliar places, and creating everlasting memories with her partner, John.

John Hayes

John Hayes is an enthusiastic technology entrepreneur, father, husband and coach. With a BSEE from Notre Dame, John focused on the breakthroughs made possible by digital and computing technology. Mr Hayes was a founder and early contributor at Rise Technology with laser printers, Thinking Machines building large disk arrays, STONE+WIRE building fast video disk arrays and networks, Alexa Internet/Internet Archive, crawling and storing the entire Internet. More recently, John has been volunteering with the Mass Challenge Startup incubator and working with Apple in Cambridge and delighted to make a contribution at one of the top companies that has shown that really Long Timeline Planning and true epoch spanning use cases do pay off today.

Paul Hoxie

Paul Hoxie has a BS and MS in transportation from MIT. He is a former consultant for the US Department of Transportation and a product developer for Fidelity Investments. Most recently, he has been a pro bono consultant to Boston area nonprofits with SOAR 55. With a 5-year old grandchild and two more on the way, Paul is very concerned about climate change and the dramatic changes that are imminent. He is committed to long-term thinking to better understand the forces in the climate crisis and efforts that could ameliorate the problem. He is an avid cyclist, traveler, and gardener and also the caretaker of a 133 year old house.

Brittany Janis

Brittany Janis is pursuing her MPA at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She’s spent her career working in strategic fund development and nonprofit management for a range of nonprofit organizations from New York to San Francisco. Most recently she served as a Major Gift Officer at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). She’s a former President of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Golden Gate Chapter. She is a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) and holds a MA in Philanthropy and Development from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. She received her BA in History, Political Science and Theatre from Case Western Reserve University.

Gary Oberbrunner

Gary Oberbrunner is a technology executive and software developer with too many years’ experience in graphics, supercomputing and cloud technologies. He recently founded Dark Star Systems to help scientists tell their stories through creating beautiful videos. He spent the last two decades as CTO at GenArts, and at Thinking Machines before that. With a BSEE from MIT, he is a passionate thinker, problem solver, and communicator with interests in technology, the environment, science, philosophy, music, and the arts. He sees long-term thinking as an important catalyst for stimulating important discussions about solving our world’s biggest problems.

Karin Rivard

Karin Rivard is a business attorney who helps her clients to develop, license, market, and distribute their innovations, products, and services. She is particularly focused on leveraging the value of intellectual property assets, having spent most of her 20+ year career working on significant deals involving intellectual property research and licensing. Karin frequently serves non-profit research organizations, including universities, foundations and academic medical centers, assisting them in specialized and sophisticated transactions with industry partners involving translational research, clinical trials, sponsored research, data use, material transfer, and creation of bio-specimen repositories. Her experience spans multiple market sectors, including high-tech, software, cloud services, medical device, life science, pharmaceutical, agricultural, food product, and manufacturing.

Lindsay Yazzolino

Lindsay Yazzolino is an audio/tactile design consultant and air travel enthusiast who has worked in diverse fields ranging from brains to trains. She leverages both her professional background in cognitive neuroscience research and personal experience as a totally blind scientist to collaboratively develop products such as exhibits and educational materials which incorporate “hand-catching” tactile design and rich audio. She is enthusiastic about modern technologies such as 3D printing and interactive touch screens which are revolutionizing the design of multisensory interfaces, and with them she helps to create interactive tangible experiences which are intuitive and fun. She also coordinates research studies of how diverse types of life experience shape brain and cognitive processes. 

Founders Circle:

The success of Long now Boston has been achieved through the hard work of dedicated volunteers who have given generously of their time and energy to build a community of responsible ancestors. Their efforts are the reason we are here today. With that in mind, we have created the “Founders Circle” to acknowledge those critical early contributions. Thank you to all of the individuals who have made Long Now Boston possible.

  • Tom Arneman
  • Dan Borelli
  • Leonie Bradbury
  • James Butler
  • Jimena Canales
  • Margaret Capotosto
  • Jennifer Clifford
  • Nadia Dixson
  • Chia Evers
  • Jason Fidler
  • Kevin Ford
  • George Gantz
  • Laura Grey
  • Gretel Hartman
  • John Hayes
  • Danny Hillis
  • Paul Hoxie
  • Brittany Janis
  • Jon Kiparsky
  • Taylor Milsal
  • Nathan Miner
  • John Noss
  • Gary Oberbrunner
  • Karin Rivard
  • Mariusz Sasinski
  • Adrian Spidle
  • Grant Stephen
  • Gareth Taube
  • Steve Wardell
  • Lindsay Yazzolino

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