Long Now Boston Garden Party 02019

August 17, 02019,Cambridge MA

Reflections on the 4th Annual Summer Picnic of Long Now Boston.  

A Timely Experience

A great deal of planning and preparation had gone into the afternoon picnic, but the time for planning was over. It was time for the event to begin. Thoughts and questions cross through your mind as you walk into a quiet Cambridge neighborhood.  Will the event be well-attended?  Who will I know?  What questions might be asked of me, and what questions would I like to ask?

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Innovations to Eradicate Global Poverty

Long Now Boston Conversation Series

June 3, 02019, at the Cambridge Innovation Center.

Featuring Eleanor Murphy (Acumen) and Katherine Collins (Putnam, Honeybee Capital)

Synopsis:  Some 12,000 years ago, people began cultivating their own food, providing a far more reliable source than nature alone, leading to settled communities and, ultimately, a global civilization. The technologies and capacities for feeding human communities have improved through the millennia, bringing huge benefits to growing populations.  Yet poverty and hunger still afflicts much of the world — a tragedy that we can eliminate within decades if we empower communities, through enlightened investment, technology and market solutions, to achieve their own aspirations.

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FLASH TALKS – Probing the Future

Long Now Boston Conversation Series
May 6, 02019, at the Cambridge Innovation Center.

Featuring eight talks by Long Now Boston Members.

On May 6, Long Now Boston held a 2018 FLASH TALK event.  Eight presentations had been selected in advance from the pool of entrants, and each presenter was given 5 minutes, and 3 slides, to explore their ideas.  The result was a wide-ranging and surprisingly robust discussion of topics in chemistry, climate, aging, cityscape design, science education and the future of democracy and capitalism.  

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Robotic Futures – A Cyborg Vision

Long Now Boston Conversation Series
April 1, 02019, at the Cambridge Innovation Center.

Featuring Bruce Blumberg, Principal UX Engineer, Universal Robots.

Coding, dogs, and robots have been Dr. Blumberg’s work and passion. This experience informs his expectations of the robotic future we can anticipate: rather than featuring generalized human-scale robots, our human capacities will likely be vastly enhanced by new generations of powered tools, personal aids and enabling devices, some potentially embedded in us – not a robotic but a cyborg future.

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DNA – Our Past is Our Future

Long Now Boston Conversation Series
March 4, 02019, at the Cambridge Innovation Center

Featuring Preston Estep, CSO and co-founder Veritas Genetics, and Dennis Grishin, CSO and co-founder, Nebula Genomics

Synopsis: Two leading gen-tech entrepreneurs explored the profound evolutionary transition DNA technologies may bring at the Long Now Boston Conversation on March 4, 02019. However, a positive outcome is not assured unless we carefully navigate the landscape of technical, regulatory, ethical and privacy issues involved.

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Reimagining the Microbial World

February 4, 02019, at the Cambridge Innovation Center

Featuring Scott Chimileski, microbiologist and author, and Roberto Kolter, Director of the Kolter Lab

With stunning pictures and astounding mastery of scientific research and curiosities, Scott Chimileski and Roberto Kolter delivered an awe inspiring tour of the microbial world at the Long Now Boston Conversation on February 4, 02019.

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Deep Uncertainty and Dynamic Adaptation

November 27, 02018: A Long Now Boston Community Conversation with
Kirk Bosma, P.E. Woods Hole Group and Paul Kirshen, Ph.D., UMass Boston\

Boston is a coastal city with a complex of rivers, dams, harbors and islands. By the end of this century, under the foreseeable range of global warming scenarios, Boston could experience a sea level rise ranging from 2.4 to 7.4 feet.

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Charting the Past and Future Transformations of our Housing Infrastructure

September 10, 02018: A Long Now Boston Community Conversation with
Barry BluestoneProfessor of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Northeastern University
Tamara M. RoyPrincipal with Stantec, Boston, and past President of the Boston Society of Architects and 
Peter Rose, FAIA, FRAIC, Rose and Partners Architects, Boston

While we often think of cities in terms of skylines, business activity and public buildings or monuments, their primary function is the housing of people.  The patterns and forms of that housing are critical to the life of a city, and they reflect a complex interplay of demographics, economics, public policies, cultural aspirations and aesthetics.

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