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  • Bill Davison — Founder

  • Mary Mangan — Co-Founder

  • Kim Novick — Co-Founder

Yes, it takes a village, and Long Now Boston’s success is only possible due to the support of dedicated volunteers. The members of our Founders Circle are recognized for their contributions and commitment to long-term thinking. They are the builders and doers who helped launch Boston’s Long Now community. Many of them are still active and with us today and we are grateful for all they have done.

  • Tom Arneman

  • Dan Borelli

  • Leonie Bradbury

  • James Butler

  • Jimena Canales

  • Margaret Capotosto

  • Jennifer Clifford

  • Nadia Dixson

  • Chia Evers

  • Jason Fidler

  • Kevin Ford

  • George Gantz

  • Laura Grey

  • Gretel Hartman

  • John Hayes

  • Danny Hillis

  • Paul Hoxie

  • Brittany Janis

  • Jon Kiparsky

  • Taylor Milsal

  • Nathan Miner

  • John Noss

  • Gary Oberbrunner

  • Karin Rivard

  • Mariusz Sasinski

  • Adrian Spidle

  • Grant Stephen

  • Gareth Taube

  • Steve Wardell

  • Lindsay Yazzolino


Founders Circle

Long Now Boston fosters long-term thinking on the local and global level. We want to become a critical resource connecting the region’s domains of technology, arts, culture, commerce, science, and environmentalism. We encourage individual and collective responsibility in a time-scale of the next ten thousand years, and offer tools and resources to our future leaders.

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