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Long Now Boston fosters long-term thinking on the local and global level. We want to become a critical resource connecting the region’s domains of technology, arts, culture, commerce, science, and environmentalism. We encourage individual and collective responsibility in a time-scale of the next ten thousand years, and offer tools and resources to our future leaders.

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Upcoming Events:

  • - Conscious Capitalism – A Radical Transformation of Business Culture NOTE: Presentation starts early -- at 6:30pm On Monday, February 3, 02020, Professor Raj Sisodia will review the history of capitalism and its challenges and explore the concept of “conscious capitalism” focused on higher purpose, long-term thinking and collaborative, enduring and empathic relationships among all stakeholders.… Read more

Past Events:

  • Long Now Boston FLASH TALKS 02020 ! (12/2/02019) - January 6, 7PM at the CIC Venture Café. Doors open at 6PM.Admission is free, but attendees must be registered: Tickets Here. Envisioning the Future!   The following five selected presentations will serve as the starting point for conversation and discussion about the future of humanity.  Post or Perish: In the future, celebrities will be from STEM fields. …
  • Searching for Life in Deep Space (11/7/02019) - On December 2, 02019, Professor Avi Loeb takes Long Now Boston to the frontiers of cosmic discovery and exobiology.   Professor Loeb is the Frank B. Baird, Jr. Professor of Science and Chair of Astronomy at Harvard, Director of the Institute for Theory and Computation, Founding Director of the Black Hole Initiative, Chair of both the Breakthrough Starshot Advisory Committee and the Board on Physics …

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