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Long Now Boston fosters long-term thinking on the local and global level. We want to become a critical resource connecting the region’s domains of technology, arts, culture, commerce, science, and environmentalism. We encourage individual and collective responsibility in a time-scale of the next ten thousand years, and offer tools and resources to our future leaders.

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Upcoming Events:

  • Feb 6, 02023: Antarctic Ice: Report to the Future - Feb 6, 02023: Antarctic Ice: Report to the Future A Long Now Boston Conversation exploring the timeless mystery of Antarctic ice, and its possible demise, with literary scholar and science writer Dr. Marissa Grunes, currently living at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, and special guest Dr. Catherine Walker (WHOI). Date: Monday, Feb 6, 02023, 7:30 p.m. ETLocation:… Read more

Past Events:

  • Longtermism at the Crossroads (12/13/02022) - A conversation with Philosophy Professor Kieren Setiya of MIT, on the concepts and challenges of longtermism as articulated by William McAskill. Summary At the Long Now Boston Conversation event on December 6, 02022, Professor Kieren Setiya pointed out that longtermism is a new iteration of utilitarianism that argues against geographical and temporal partiality.  While it brings …
  • Engineering for Long Term Solutions (12/13/02022) - Engineering for Long Term Solutions Long Now Boston and The Maintainers joined forces to present a conversation melding our two key concepts of long-term thinking and the maintenance mindset. The event was led by Maintainers Movement Fellow Tona Rodriguez-Nikl and hosted on June 6 02022 within the Long Now Boston conversation series.  VIDEO:  Recording Introduction The …

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