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Sat Oct 14, 02023, 6:00PM UTC

Mount Auburn Cemetery, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a place where time takes on a profound and contemplative dimension. We will tour the grounds with Jim Gorman, arborist and educator, focusing on the fascinating history and hopeful future of this important place in American history.

Sat Sep 23, 02023, 3:00PM UTC

Claimed to be the oldest stone structure in Massachusetts, the Old Powder House in Somerville has been standing since the early 18th century. At this event, Long Now Boston members can enjoy meeting others who are interested in the arc of the use of this land for hundreds of years and its ongoing symbolism in our region’s story. The event will start with a free docent tour by our very own Mary Mangan, with an informal picnic in the park to follow. We will discuss features and functions of this site over the centuries and into the future.

Sun Aug 27, 02023, 5:00PM UTC

Long Now Boston's Annual Garden Party

Tue Mar 7, 02023, 12:30AM UTC

Long Now Boston welcomed five remarkable individuals to the 5th Annual Flash Talks on March 6, 02023: Kate Reed, Alex Zhuk, Jason Sydoriak, Lindsay Yazzolino, and Ben Soltoff.  The event highlighted the future opportunities for radical design innovations and the critical importance of climate resiliency.

Past Events

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