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Tue Mar 7, 02023, 12:30AM UTC

Long Now Boston welcomed five remarkable individuals to the 5th Annual Flash Talks on March 6, 02023: Kate Reed, Alex Zhuk, Jason Sydoriak, Lindsay Yazzolino, and Ben Soltoff.  The event highlighted the future opportunities for radical design innovations and the critical importance of climate resiliency.

Tue Feb 7, 02023, 12:30AM UTC

The magic and mystery of Antarctic Ice was brought to life for Long Now Boston members and guests in a spellbinding presentation by Dr. Marissa Grunes, broadcasting from McMurdo Base in Antarctica, with special guest Catherine Walker of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  

Tue Dec 6, 02022, 12:30AM UTC

At our event on December 6, 02022, Professor Kieren Setiya noted that longtermism is a new iteration of utilitarianism that argues against geographical and temporal partiality.  It brings attention to global long term responsibilities, but overemphasizes hypothetical future goods  at the expense of current harm, and fails to address the negative impact of systemic injustice.

Thu Oct 6, 02022, 9:30PM UTC

On October 6, 02022, Long Now Boston welcomed Jill Kubit, co-founder of the nonprofit, DearTomorrow, for an interactive workshop on changing our climate change future.  The  workshop was held at the Boston Public Library during ‘Climate Day’ of the Cambridge Science Festival.

Mon Jun 6, 02022, 11:30PM UTC

Long Now Boston and The Maintainers came together to present a conversation melding our two key concepts: long-term thinking and the maintenance mindset. This event was led by Maintainers Movement Fellow Tona Rodriguez-Nikl, and was hosted within the Long Now Boston conversation series.

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