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About Long Now Boston

Long Now Boston fosters long-term thinking on the local and global level. We want to become a critical resource connecting the region’s domains of technology, arts, culture, commerce, science, and environmentalism. We encourage individual and collective responsibility in a time-scale of the next ten thousand years, and offer tools and resources to our future leaders.

Long Now Boston was founded in 02016 and incorporated as a US federal 501(c)3 organization in 02018.  We are striving to build an independent, self-sufficient, long-term organization dedicated to the exploration of deep time and long-term thinking.  We are grateful to our members, event presenters, sponsors and event participants for their interest in and support of our mission.


We began with the awareness that long-term thinking is critical to creating a thriving and sustainable global future.  That means making long-term thinking a habit in our daily lives and a foundation for shaping the future. To put it another way, we seek to be good ancestors.

Existential questions and challenges confront us daily.  How do we make sense of them?  How do they relate to one another? How do we organize our thinking so that we can integrate possible solutions into the fabric of our lives and our culture?  How do we conduct ourselves so that our descendants will have a solid base from which to live and thrive, and the widest range of options for enjoying their present and answering their future threats and challenges?


Since our founding, thousands have joined us in thought-provoking and wide-ranging events, panels and discussions. Topics have ranged from space, housing, transportation and climate change to ethics, history, art, science and technology, all with an emphasis on the long-term perspective, viewed with a Greater Boston lens.  We appreciate the rich intellectual and educational environment of Boston, Cambridge and the surrounding area, which has enabled us to engage many notable presenters in conversation and deliberation. Long Now Boston is a part of the connective tissue for this community,  bringing people and ideas together.  We believe that the long now lens can serve as a common reference frame, one that is critical to addressing our long term challenges.

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Our volunteer staff has a broad background in business, science, and the arts. The staff is comprised of the Board, Steering Group, and Events Group which work as a unit to develop our programs, manage their production, develop our strategy and administer Long Now Boston as a 501(c)3 organization.


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