Social and Cultural Innovations from COVID-19

Will the social and cultural innovations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic shift our trajectory in the 21st century and beyond? Long Now Boston invites you to a live conversation exclusively for charter members to discuss this important topic. What cultural shifts are we already seeing? Which societal changes are likely to take root? Please join us for a thought-provoking community-based discussion.

A Long Now Boston Community Conversation exclusively for Charter Members*

Date: Monday, May 11, 02020 7:30-9:00PM (via Zoom). The meeting is free, but we are limiting attendance to 20 Charter Members* and will be emailing Zoom credentials to registered members the day of the event. Please register early on Eventbrite.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the most disruptive global event in a lifetime. As travel bans, social distancing and lock-downs precipitated by the novel Coronovirus have cascaded around the globe, people have been forced into novel patterns of working, living and socializing. The result has been a profusion of social and cultural innovations, some of which may last well beyond the end of the pandemic.

What is your perspective on the innovations that have changed work practices, social interactions, education, entertainment and culture. What innovations have you personally participated in? What has surprised or delighted you? What technologies have been essential in enabling these innovations? What changes are we seeing that you feel have lasting potential to effect positive social, cultural or institutional change in the long term?

This is an opportunity to share ideas with other Long Now Boston members and to be a part of our growing community. The conversation will be held on Zoom.

The Long Now Boston team strives to bring cutting-edge content and thoughtful conversations to our community. Please join the conversation and be part of the solution.

*Charter Membership with Long Now Boston supports our organization and provides access to our conversations, and special opportunities for members-only events. Learn more:

City Nature Celebration 02020

City Nature Celebration 02020: Observing the Urban Environment

April is Global Citizen Science month. People around the world are participating in various citizen projects, from making sourdough bread to observing the night sky. Please join Long Now Boston in celebrating citizen science, from home, by taking part in the City Nature Celebration 2020 for the Greater Boston Area.

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Long Now Boston Calendar Update

Hello friends!

These are difficult times.

Consistent with the broader efforts to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic, Long Now Boston has suspended its public live events until further notice.

With regrets we had to cancel “Craft a Superhero” on April 18 and “Dear Tomorrow” on April 21, our two events planned as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

We plan to resume live events as soon as possible and are looking at options for hosting online community conversations. In the meantime, we’d love to stay connected. Go to our website where you can sign up for our mailing list, find summaries and videos of our past events on the blog, and learn how to become a Long Now Boston member.

Please also follow us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

The need for long term thinking is greater now than ever before, and the current pandemic is a powerful reminder of that.

Stay safe, everyone. We’ll see you again soon.

CANCELLED: DearTomorrow – Taking Action on Climate Change

CANCELLED: DearTomorrow – Taking Action on Climate Change

Long Now Boston is disappointed to confirm cancellation of the ‘Dear Tomorrow’ event, along with the rest of the Cambridge Science Festival, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We plan to reschedule our event for later in the year. Current registrants will be offered the first chance at tickets for a rescheduled ‘Dear Tomorrow’ program. 

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CANCELLED: Long Now Boston at the Science Carnival and Robot Zoo!

CANCELLED: Long Now Boston at the Science Carnival and Robot Zoo!

Long Now Boston is disappointed to confirm cancellation of the ‘Craft a Superhero’ event, along with the rest of the Cambridge Science Festival, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We plan to propose our event again for a future Cambridge Science Festival. Be sure to look for us next time!

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Conscious Capitalism – A Radical Transformation of Business Culture

Conscious Capitalism – A Radical Transformation of Business Culture

NOTE: Presentation starts early — at 6:30pm

On Monday, February 3, 02020, Professor Raj Sisodia will review the history of capitalism and its challenges and explore the concept of “conscious capitalism” focused on higher purpose, long-term thinking and collaborative, enduring and empathic relationships among all stakeholders.

See Event Summary Here: A Conscious Solution to Corporate Short Termism

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Long Now Boston FLASH TALKS 02020 !

January 6, 7PM at the CIC Venture Café. Doors open at 6PM.
Admission is free, but attendees must be registered: Tickets Here.

Envisioning the Future!  

The following five selected presentations will serve as the starting point for conversation and discussion about the future of humanity. 

  • Post or Perish: In the future, celebrities will be from STEM fields. Will you be among the first?  Presented by Fredo Darling, Creative Director and freelance Media Producer.
  • The secret sauce for human thriving!  Promoting human empathic virtue to ensure a brighter, happier future.  Presented by George Gantz, writer, philosopher, retired business executive and grandfather of eight.
  • Dark Instincts: Resist Tribal Adaptations and Move Toward Utopia.  Presented by Robin Harper, with many interests including Researcher and Infographic Writer on human nature, health, and politics.
  • The idiots guide for killing monopolies and creating star trek economies.  Presented by Nathan Towianski, Business consultant working on DAO and collaborative business models and software.
  • Mirrors for Earth’s Energy Rebalancing (MEER:ReflEction): Resource-driven engineering for leveraging Earth’s chemistries to immediately offer remediation.  Presented by Ye Tao, Fellow at the Rowland Institute at Harvard.

Bring your enthusiasm, your questions and your ideas for a thought-provoking evening, from the perspective of Long Now thinking.  The program will be highly interactive, and the audience will be asked to select their favorite presentation!  The winner will receive a $100 reward!

Join the conversation and be part of the solution.

Admission is FREE but tickets are required.

We’re proud and excited to welcome Ye, Nathan, Robin, George and Fredo to the podium at this Long Now Boston community conversation.

Cambridge Innovation Center is an in-kind sponsor of this Long Now Boston conversation. We are very grateful for their support.


Searching for Life in Deep Space

On December 2, 02019, Professor Avi Loeb takes Long Now Boston to the frontiers of cosmic discovery and exobiology.  

Professor Loeb is the Frank B. Baird, Jr. Professor of Science and Chair of Astronomy at Harvard, Director of the Institute for Theory and Computation, Founding Director of the Black Hole Initiative, Chair of both the Breakthrough Starshot Advisory Committee and the Board on Physics and Astronomy of the National Academies. In 2012, TIME magazine selected Loeb as one of the 25 most influential people in space science. 

See post-event summary here: Life Among the Stars

December, 02019, at CIC, 1 Broadway, Cambridge MA
Doors open @ 6pm — Come early and meet other Long Now thinkers.
Presentations start @ 7pm

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Future Humans and the Price of Progress

Future Humans and the Price of Progress

A Long Now Boston Conversation with James Hughes (IEET) and Nir Eisikovits (UMAEC).

November 4, 02019, at CIC, 1 Broadway, Cambridge MA
Doors open @ 6pm — Come early and meet other Long Now thinkers
Presentations start @ 7pm

See the post-event Summary: How Humans and Technology Co-Evolve

Humans invent technology to shape the world — but technology also reshapes humans.  What will future humans be like?

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