Solar Geoengineering

Long Now Boston Conversation Series
May 1, 02017

A Long Now Boston Conversation with Taylor Milsal.

Solar Geo is a controversial idea, existing on the sidelines for many years. Now, as the need to mitigate the effects of climate change becomes more urgent, we need to examine all of our tools, in order to help future generations solve this problem. Taylor talked about new advances in solar geoengineering, and the arguments in favor of field testing. 


Taylor is a Managing Partner at Cotor, Inc., focused on developing technical and marketing solutions for business problems. Previously, Taylor was Co-Founder and CEO of San Francisco based innovation practice, Milsal McCaull. Under her leadership, the company’s clients included a diverse portfolio, from startups to the world’s largest corporations. Taylor has orchestrated over $500M in transactions for projects including megawatt-scale alternative energy installations and SaaS solutions for corporate clients and major retailers. She also founded Zephyr, a mechanical engineering and design firm, with clients including Apple and HP. She is also an investor in early stage biotech companies. Taylor co-founded and produced the first TEDx. Her hobby is collecting the world’s brightest people around a dinner table to share ideas.

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