City Nature Celebration 02020

City Nature Celebration 02020: Observing the Urban Environment

April is Global Citizen Science month. People around the world are participating in various citizen projects, from making sourdough bread to observing the night sky. Please join Long Now Boston in celebrating citizen science, from home, by taking part in the City Nature Celebration 2020 for the Greater Boston Area.

City Nature Celebration is open to everyone. It involves the observation and documentation of urban wildlife to aid in understanding the importance of biodiversity in urban environments. This event is supported by iNaturalist, an online social network of naturalists, citizen scientists, and biologists. Your observations of plants, animals, insects, or fungi made in the greater Boston area between April 24 – 27, will count toward the challenge.

We encourage you to stay in your own backyard. You will be surprised at what you’ll notice! If available to you, explore your neighborhood or nearby, following socially responsible practices for distancing (for more information, see FAQs)

To participate (it’s easy!)

  1. Download the iNaturalist app (Android or iOS) or access it online on your laptop
  2. Join the “Long Now Boston 02020” City Nature Celebration Event.
  3. Get familiar with iNaturalist. Review the brief ‘Getting Started’ guide and video tutorials.

Recommended tutorial events online (Registration is FREE):

April 17, 02020: How to use iNaturalist

April 23, 02020: Urban Wildlife Quest: How-to

Earthwise Aware is providing the tutorials. You can join any of their other citizen science webinars prior to the challenge. For more information, go to

4) Get outside and find something wild!

5) Take some pictures with the app and share your observations on iNaturalist.

6) Long Now Boston will curate observations by our members and prepare an exhibition on our website. We will also generate an iNaturalist report after the challenge to show our contributions.

For more info, see our Frequently Asked Questions page about this event.

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