Picnic at Danny Hillis & Taylor Milsal’s home

Annual Long Now Picnic

Come and enjoy a leisurely late afternoon/early evening picnic with the Long Now Boston Meetup Group. BBQ from (probably) Soulfire of Cambridge will be served. We will be a group of no more than 30. Instead of a speaker, we’ve decided to have very informal “flash talks” from everyone who attends. Be prepared to spend 3 minutes discussing:

– what are you most passionately interested in?

– what are you doing with that interest now?

– what would you like to do with it in the future?

We will also give a preview of what the next program year looks like (Sept 02016 – May 02017) and get your ideas.

Perhaps we can coax Danny to answer a few more questions from his Clock talk that was held in May.

This should be a nice easy day with new friends. Good talk. Good food. Good fun.

Taylor and Danny live walking distance from Porter Square T station; Garfield St. parking is “residents only” so park at your risk. The driveway can hold only a few cars.

Again, we thank Danny and Taylor for supporting our efforts to get a vibrant Long Now community in the Boston/Cambridge (and New England) area.