Genomes are The Long Now

Genomes are The Long Now

Mary Mangan will speak on “Genomes are The Long Now”.

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The genomes of organisms around us today, and some of those that are no longer alive, carry crucial information about our past and also frame our future directions. In addition, it’s also becoming possible to “Revive and Restore” lost species. Organizing and visualizing DNA sequence data is key to using it effectively to understand the history of life of this planet, and for potentially using it to create new variations with impacts on our health and environment. In this talk, Mary Mangan will demonstrate how researchers currently access species genomic data in the UCSC Genome Browser ( Highlights of some revealing and important projects will be included, as well as some potential trip-wires in personal genomics data that services like 23andMe provide.

Mary has been fascinated with biology since spending summers at Hampton Beach engrossed by the tide pools. This led to degrees in Microbiology, Plant Cell Biology, and eventually a PhD in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology. Moving to computational biology, bioinformatics and genomics as those fields emerged, she finds databases are the new tide pools for her. And new waves keep washing interesting things in. For some publications, you can see her Google Scholar profile ( [].

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****$15 admission includes free drink****

****Students free with school ID****

Doors open at 6pm. Program starts at 6:45pm.

Meet us in the Back Room at The Burren – 247 Elm Street, Davis Square Somerville MA 02144 (The Burren is located in the heart of Davis Square, in Somerville, Massachusetts. Easily accessible by public transportation, The Burren is only a two minute walk from the Davis Square stop on the Redline.)

***Walk-ups are welcome and students are free, but please, if you know you are going, and paying, register early so we can plan accordingly.***