Membership in Long Now Boston

Membership in Long Now Boston

Building a community of good ancestors…a special introductory offer! 

Are you a catalyst for positive change? Long Now Boston is the region’s leading community of engaged futurists. We’d love to have you join us.

Who Are We?

Long Now Boston brings together future thinkers across a wide range of fields. Our members include scientists, artists, technologists, policy makers, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, ethicists, students, makers, and many many more. We are philosophically aligned and totally independent of the Long Now Foundation.

Our main underlying theme is the impact of our actions today on the world of tomorrow for generations to come. Or, what does it mean to be a good ancestor? The Long Now Boston Conversation Series helps answer that question. 

Each month, we invite guest presenters to share their view of the planet’s most universal challenges through a deep time lens. It’s your opportunity to learn from leading subject matter experts, ask questions, be curious or provocative…to join the conversation and be a part of the solution.

Steward the Future 

Long Now Boston was founded by local members and followers of the Long Now Foundation, as a grassroots Boston-focused organization that fosters long-term thinking and responsibility. 

Long Now Boston:

  • Enables a better vision for humanity, improving systems thinking,  problem solving and decision making.
  • Hosts conversations about technology, science, society and culture and their future implications.
  • Connects people — young professionals, technologists, artists, students, scientists, academics,.

How We Connect and Inspire 

The Long Now Boston Conversation Series explores how to improve the long-term future of humanity. We host eminent guest presenters who share their work, and then participate in extensive, often controversial, discussion with the audience. That means you! Then we see where the discussion leads…  Recent topics have included the ethics of Artificial Intelligence, the implications of DNA being used as a storage medium, the promise of the “Responsible Capitalism” model, the insights gained from the imaging of microbial worlds, and the power of indigenous science fiction. It’s the most diverse interdisciplinary programming you’ll find in New England, because we believe that only through taking a multidisciplinary approach, can we address our most intractable problems. As we grow, we also plan to sponsor projects in our community to inspire long-term thinking in a broader audience.

We invite YOU to be part of this growing movement of good ancestors by becoming a Charter Member today! 

Why Be a Charter Member? 

As a Charter Member you are laying  the groundwork for Long Now Boston’s growth and impact, spreading the concept of long term thinking to the Boston area.

The standard membership price is $90 but, for a limited time, you can become a Charter Member for $75/year. That’s a 17% discount from our normal membership rate.

When we asked some of our current members why they joined they said: 

  • “Long Now Boston is helping to shape Boston as a true innovation hub for the future. I want to be part of that movement.”
  • Long Now Boston facilitates deep conversation and complex problem solving.”
  • “I enjoy being a part of a community of deep thinking, good-willed individuals who share a common commitment to the future of humanity.”
  • “A Long Now movement will be critical to human thriving in the long run.” 
  • “It’s fun and compelling…Long Now Boston is an organizational example of how good ancestors conduct themselves. Stewarding the future for generations to come.” 

What Do I Get as Part of My Membership?

Individual membership provides:

  • 8 complimentary tickets to the 02021 Long Now Boston Conversations Series season, and the Long Now Boston Newsletter 
  • Access to members-only conversations, content, and events

How Do I Sign Up? 

You can sign up now via the membership form below!

Help us grow our movement of good ancestors and become a member today!

Note: Long Now Boston is inspired by but organizationally independent of The Long Now Foundation ( Membership in Long Now Boston is not a membership in The Long Now Foundation.