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Mon Mar 25, 02024, 10:00PM UTC

Sam Moller

Building the Long Now: Exploring BU's LEED Platinum Computing Center

Building the Long Now: Exploring BU's LEED Platinum Computing Center

Join us to explore Boston's most sustainable and innovative high-rise: come tour BU's LEED Platinum Computing Center on March 25.

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As Boston's largest fossil fuel-free and the city's newest and most iconic element to the skyline, Boston University Center for Computing & Data Sciences is turning heads in more ways than one. At 19 stories, this LEED Platinum tower is structured as a vertical campus at the heart of Boston University. It represents a physical embodiment of Boston University’s commitment to data sciences, sustainability, and the many ways they intersect. Experience the innovation firsthand as we invite you to explore Boston's most sustainable high-rise. Join us for a tour where we unravel the key sustainability and programmatic elements of the Center of Computing & Data Sciences!

The Center for Computing & Data Sciences at Boston University acts as a beacon for Long Now ideas by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and research aimed at solving complex global challenges. It’s a hub where technology and data science converge with other fields, encouraging students and researchers to think beyond traditional boundaries and consider the long-term implications of their work. By promoting a culture of innovation that is both forward-looking and deeply aware of historical contexts, the center is not just a place for education and research; it is a catalyst for creating a better future. Its very existence inspires a sense of connection to both the past and the future, urging all who pass through its doors to consider how their actions today can contribute to a sustainable, equitable, and thriving world for generations to come.

In the tour, we will investigate:

  • Sustainable Design: what it means and how it reduces environmental impact.

  • How the center embodies long-term thinking through its design and operational practices, aiming to create a sustainable future while being mindful of the planet's deep history.

  • How the center fosters collaboration across different academic disciplines, encouraging innovative solutions to global challenges with an eye on the long-term consequences of today's actions.

  • The architectural features and technological advancements that make the building a state-of-the-art facility for computing and data sciences, including smart energy management and water conservation systems.

  • The center's mission to not only serve current students and faculty but also to act as a steward for future generations, through its focus on sustainability, innovation, and the promotion of a culture that values the long-term well-being of society.

🍺After the tour, feel free to join us at Cornwall’s Pub nearby for an informal gathering, to deepen the discussion and make connections with the Long Now Boston community.

Sam oversees BU Sustainability’s communications activities and is responsible for the internal and external visibility of the University’s Climate Action Plan and sustainability initiatives. His work includes the management of BU Sustainability’s communications channels, including its website, newsletter, social media, print materials, media relations activities, and reports.

Sam comes to BU with a passion for the intersection of sustainability, public policy, and social justice. Before BU, Sam worked in policy and advocacy communications in Washington, DC, where he served organizations and companies in the environmental advocacy, sustainable technology, and sustainable waste management sectors. Along with his work in sustainability, he has worked with public health, gun violence prevention, and hunger-focused organizations. Outside of BU, Sam serves on the Alumni Leadership Council at the Rashi School.

Sam Moller
Sam Moller


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